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Teeth Wearing Away -Common problem

In India, wearing away of teeth is a big problem…perhaps it might be global problem but I can say with certainty that in India this problem is very rampant. There are definite reasons for that. Common causes are incorrect use … Continue reading

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Abrasive Pastes and Powders Badly Damage Teeth

Use of abrasive toothpastes and toothpowders is a big problem in India. People just pick up any paste or powder and without caring for its quality start rubbing it on their teeth. Within a few months/years, the teeth are badly … Continue reading

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2X2s Are Not Always 4 In Practice..

When this gentleman in his sixties came to me, i thought he had come to me for total balance. Total Balance is the term we use in Dentistry for removal of all remaining upper and lower teeth. You are looking … Continue reading

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Crossbite Causes Abnormal Dental Wear & Tear

  This gentleman around 80 has come to me for filling of a carious tooth. When I look at his badly worn out dentition, I asked him if he had some problem due to worn out teeth. He said –“No, … Continue reading

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Even Badly Worn Out Teeth Don’t Bring Patient to Dentist

Wearing away of natural tooth structure is a big problem. But sometimes I wonder when I find that patients are quite “blissfully” unaware of the damage. This is the dental photograph of a gentleman in his sixties. He complains of … Continue reading

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