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Teeth Wearing Away -Common problem

In India, wearing away of teeth is a big problem…perhaps it might be global problem but I can say with certainty that in India this problem is very rampant. There are definite reasons for that. Common causes are incorrect use … Continue reading

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Delayed Extraction Wound Healing? — take it easy!

I want to illustrate this point with the help of an example. This lady got her tooth extracted from a dental quack. Dental quack does not know how to respect the dental tissues. They just know how to cause harm … Continue reading

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Dental Abscess In Milk Molar At 9years

This is the dental photograph of a boy who is about 9years old. His parents are concerned about the dental abscess that you are viewing in this picture. This dental abscess is related to a milk molar which is shaky … Continue reading

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Child’s Double Teeth Need Prompt Care

This is a case through which i want to highlight once again that children too need regular dental check-up. This is the dental picture of a 6+ girl whose milk tooth has not fallen but the permanent lower front tooth … Continue reading

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