Childhood Lost..

Yesterday i had gone with my son to attend Parent-teacher meet.

1078After we were done with PTM, he told me that there is an Art & Craft Exhibition in the Auditorium. He was not sure whether we would be able to go there. However, i encouraged him that one must admire art.

When we were about to enter that Exhibition, we found there were some kids standing at the entrance. They were intently looking at people and things displayed there. At the first cursory glance, it appeared similar to the scene outside banquet halls where such kids line up waiting for ‘generosity’ of passer-bys to trickle down.

Just in a minute, we could understand why they were standing outside. I felt extremely bad about all this and my son’s reaction was even vocal.. “Why can’t they go inside and enjoy?”

Had to feel these flowers to know if they are real or craft work!

3I asked them to come inside …no, they won’t move from their place. Again i asked them. No movement.

There was so much hesitation. Then i thought that if they dont come inside and if i think that i have done my duty by inviting them, then i would sound like a politician’s Election manifesto.

Third time i had to literally accompany them inside that hall clearly saying —“Move around, this is yours” (i addressed them in Hindi).

After that they started enjoying that exhibition. Their happiness increased our happiness many fold.

4When we find such kids, we feel very bad about our education system.

These tender minds must be having some questions –Why are we not inside? These are the real people who are in need of a number of welfare schemes (including reservation) . Do you think that they would ever avail it? ….No, they won’t.

When they were enjoying the exhibition, my son told me that those were the kids of masons who were doing some construction work in the school.

Don’t we see so many such kids playing here and there around construction sites but we just move on. Like their exploited parents, in coming years they would go through the same grind. God bless them!

I always say that to improve our education and health care system, we should have ‘earmarked’ schools and hospitals— ok, if you are living in this area –be it a peon’s son or a DC’s kids—they can enrol in that school only. Similar should be the case with hospitals. Why availability of  money in a parent’s wallet would decide the education/fate of his brilliant kids? …No, it should not ideally in a civilized society.
5When i think about these kids, their curious eyes, i am quite sure that they are no less artists –no less painters– no less creative thinkers than yours and mine——sad part is that they have never been taken care of! Rather such kids exhibit much better life skills where our pampered ones just lag behind! It is a hard fact!

When we were coming out, we saw them also moving out of that hall. Hopefully, they enjoyed their short, cold stay amongst so- called so many members of ‘enlightened’ class (really?).

My son handed over some money to the eldest of those kids to have some snacks. I felt satisfied to see my son’s conduct — he is down-to-earth, very humble, empathetic ——-and for me the most satisfying thing is that i am very much sure that he won’t exploit anyone in his life. I can swear it on an affidavit – the type of emotional maturity he has at 16. May goodwill prevail upon all !

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Delayed Extraction Wound Healing? — take it easy!

DSC09169I want to illustrate this point with the help of an example. This lady got her tooth extracted from a dental quack. Dental quack does not know how to respect the dental tissues. They just know how to cause harm to their poor patients.

When this lady came to me about a week ago, she was in terrible pain. You can look at inside her mouth in this dental picture. The extraction wound was quite big and infected. On the inner side of the wound the whitish thing that you are seeing is the dead bone chip.

Such infected wounds are known to be very troublesome. She was unable to literally take anything orally.

I had given her some antibiotics (Amoxycillin) and analgesic/anti-inflammatory medicines (Ibuprofen+Paracetamol tabs)- and reassured her that it would take time say 2 weeks for this thing to heal completely. She was reassured — she seems to have a lot of faith in what i was saying. Some patients just trust blindly what we say. I advised her to do frequent hot saline mouthrinses -sometimes with saline, at times with slight Alum added in hot water. She followed my instructions quite religiously.

same photograph (without flash) showing the dead white bone.

Same photograph (without flash) showing the dead white bone.

She came to me 2-3 times during the last week and everytime i used to irrigate her wound with just normal saline. But generally i do such irrigation with hydrogen peroxide followed by normal saline.

She took medicines for 5-7 days. When she came to me today, i was very happy to see her wound — it was showing healthy healing and she told me that she is feeling quite comfortable now. She has started eating her meals also. After i irrigated her wound today, a small piece of bone came out. Ya, it is OK, the white, dead bone would come out on its own in a few days, otherwise we can remove it immediately too. But she was not ready for the time being. No issue, it would shed off on its own. Once again i reassured her that everything would be fine in a week’s time.

As always i am once again reminded of Mother Nature’s so many bounties — living beings have been blessed with tremendous healing powers. Only we need to TRUST  and have faith in the carrier through which bounties are coming to us!

I forgot to take her oral photograph today to show you how healthy it was looking today. Never mind, next time …if she comes back!

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Dental Abscess In Milk Molar At 9years

Dental Abscess in a 9-year old child

Dental Abscess in a 9-year old child

This is the dental photograph of a boy who is about 9years old. His parents are concerned about the dental abscess that you are viewing in this picture.

This dental abscess is related to a milk molar which is shaky too. Inspite of such a swelling he does not have any pain. He has been just advised to take a anti-inflammatory medicines for a few days.

Hardly anything is required to be done for such a swelling. It may go down on its own after a few days.

At 9, we can predict that this milk molar would fall off in a couple of months. If there are no other symptoms, it is best left in place for a couple of months. Then it would shed off naturally to make room for the permanent tooth which is developing under it.

Even if we decide to remove this shaky, milk tooth, that’s not an issue. This is shaky because by now major portion of its roots is ‘eaten away’ (resorption of roots) which is very much a normal process for shedding of milk teeth. Secondly, by this time the permanent tooth developing under this milk tooth is also developed considerably and starts exerting presssure on the milk tooth lying above it. So, it (milk tooth) can be safely removed too!

This post once again highlights that regular, periodic dental check-up is very important –every 6 months.

Chalo, take care!

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Child’s Double Teeth Need Prompt Care

This is a case through which i want to highlight once again that children too need regular dental check-up.

Parents of this child call it 'Double teeth'

Parents of this child call it ‘Double teeth

This is the dental picture of a 6+ girl whose milk tooth has not fallen but the permanent lower front tooth (incisor) has appeared. Parents of this child seldom take her to a dentist for regular, periodic check-up but this ‘double tooth’ brought them to me. In such cases, it is very important to remove the milk tooth to create space for the movement of the permanent tooth.

The child was not ready. As the tooth was shaky, his dad suggested that she would try for a couple of days. Try? — ya, try to remove the milk tooth on her own! There is nothing new – that’s exactly what we have been doing with our shaky milk teeth. Isn’t it?

They returned a week later. She could not remove it and hence was quite ready to get it plucked by me. I just sprayed a numbing agent (local anesthetic spray) and it was taken out in 2 seconds. Now , she has been advised to come for follow up every 2-3 months to see how well the permanent tooth lying on back side is taking its proper place. You see her adjoining tooth, she had same trouble there also and in 2-3 months now that permanent tooth seems to be taking its position. Nothing great, these are Mother Nature’s designs!



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Quack’s Fixed Tooth Damages Adjoining Teeth

In India there are  a lot number of dental quacks too. They cause more damage to their than doing any useful service to the patient. I mean not only they damage a person’s teeth, but they play with his general well-being too by using contaminated instruments, needles, syringes and above all they dont know how to respect normal tissues. They are only expert in one thing –Butchery!

Crude denture fixed by a dental quack

Crude denture fixed by a dental quack

This lady has got her lower front tooth replaced by a dental quack. Just looking at this plate, it appears as if it is a removable plate. No, it is not! The quack has fixed it.

What brings her to me? — her complaint is that both the teeth – one each on either side of the artificial tooth- have become shaky and are painful while chewing. This is a very common complaint with quack’s work. I would say this is a milder version of quack’s handicraft. Otherwise, i have shared quite a few posts earlier too in which i have explained how the gums and adjoining structures are destroyed after a quack gives you a crude form of a fixed denture.

Have you noticed calculus (dental tartar) deposited on the inner side (lingual aspect) of this plate. Yes, it deposits anywhere in the mouth if it is not cleaned on daily basis.

I have removed this crude denture and would attend to first the adjoining teeth which are in shaking condition. The advice about a proper replacement can wait for the time being!

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Dental Quacks Grind Teeth Mercilessly

Prominent upper front teeth

Prominent upper front teeth


Dental Quack has grinded these front teeth

Dental Quack has grinded these front teeth

This lady is in her twenties and had come to me for her gum problem.

She is suffering from Chronic gum disease. She is also conscious about her looks — her upper front teeth are visible too much. When i noticed that the outer surfaces (labial surface) of her front teeth were too rough, i enquired whether she had been to any dentist. She told me that she had been to a dentist who grinded her front teeth to make these less prominent. Unfortunately it never helped. No surprise, it  won’t help!

I could make out that she had been to a dental quack as they try to impress their patients with such cheap and harmful dental quick-fix tricks. They just fleece people by grinding their prominent teeth or doing some harmful type of cheap orthodontic tricks i.e they just put some ‘wires’ around the teeth and expect that ‘crooked teeth’ would straighten out with such crude manoueverings. No, it doesn’t help –rather such treatment causes damage of the periodontal bone (bone surrounding the tooth) and many a times they even make the healthy teeth shaky.

Lesson of this case report is simple — always beware of unqualified dental quacks who are scattered in all nooks and corners of India. Take care, friends. God bless…

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Healing Time After Dental Extraction Varies

Generally when patients come to us for multiple dental extractions before they go in for full artificial dentures, they are very curious to know about the healing period.

I think i have already written a post on the natural healing of dental extraction wound. Almost always the healing is uneventful and generally clot present at the extraction site organises within a few or so. My experience says hardly any antibiotics are required and i seldom prescribe these in normal dental extractions. The healing of extraction wound is almost always uneventful.

The initial healing of extraction wound is over in a week or so. However, it takes many weeks for the bone to form at that place. That’s why we generally ask our patients to wait for 2-3 months after dental extraction before they go for fixed artificial dentures.

I am reminded of all this when i saw this patient who is in her fifties who had come for extraction of the upper two molars (back teeth). You can see in this picture that these teeth are almost fully covered with dental calculus (‘tartar’) and these teeth are freely mobile.

Upper molars covered with dental calculus

Upper molars covered with dental calculus

Site of dental extraction

Site of dental extraction

You can see this photograph which was taken immediately after dental extraction. Look at the condition of the extraction wound a– it is just limited to one root of the extracted tooth. Remaining part of the molar was just very loosely attached with the gums and it would just shrink off in just a few days.

This post just highlights the fact that healing time after dental extaction depends on a number of factors – most important being the condition of the extracted tooth and the whether the extraction itself was uneventful or traumatic!

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