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Dr Parveen Chopra is working with Indian Railways as Chief Dental Surgeon. He holds Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of standing in dentistry. Before trying his hand in health writing, he studied Mass Communication and New Media Technology for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- enjoys writing in conversational style. Besides English, he is equally at ease with Hindi and Punjabi. His Hindi blog is @ and Punjabi Blog @

Sh. Manoj Pande, Member Staff, Railway Board, Visits NR Divisional Hospital, Lucknow

This morning, NR Divisional Hospital, Lucknow had a special guest – Sh Manoj Pande, Member Staff (MS), Railway Board and ex-officio Secretary to Govt of India, who was accompanied by his wife, Mrs Kalpana Pande visited the hospital and spent … Continue reading

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Health Camp at Lucknow’s Bal Vihar School Run by NRWWO

A Health Camp was organised on November 16′ 2019 at Railway’s Bal Vihar School at Bandriya Bagh, Lucknow. This school, located in a very posh area,  is run by Northern Railway Women Welfare Organisation (NRWWO). About 300 school kids were … Continue reading

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Cure for Gutkha-Panmasala Problems!

I have shared a number of case reports of youngsters- some of them in their teens- on this blog about the serious problems being faced by the people who are hooked to Pan-masala and Gutkha. Mouth cancer is an extreme … Continue reading

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Betel-quid, Pan Masala & Gutkha Banned in UP Govt. Offices

I came to know about this great news this afternoon. It is a very bold decision. Great indeed. It requires a lot of courage and conviction. Being a dental professional, sometimes I do come across dental patients who have their … Continue reading

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At Times Teeth Are Sacrificed Without Any Fault

During our dental college days we used to be taught in details about the trigeminal neuralgia and its management. Our great teachers used to tell us that this condition is often ignored and goes undiagnosed. In Trigeminal neuralgia, the facial … Continue reading

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Areca nuts- Smokelss tabacco play havoc with young lives

This is the dental photograph of a 23 year young man who had come to me with swelling of  face on his right side (involving lower jaw). It was noticed that he is not able to open his mouth properly. … Continue reading

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Avoid going to Unqualified Chinese Dentists

Since my childhood days, i have been hearing about china dentists in India. Perhaps in all the cities some chinese dentist are having ‘dental shops’. I have nothing against chinese doctors who are qualified in Dentistry and have a professional … Continue reading

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