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HealthBaba.Org is India’s first full-fledged health/medical blog. These days most of the medical news stories on the web are required to be taken with a pinch of salt!  HealthBaba.Org provides reviews on  some useful  medical news items from the net  interpreted in a way which is easily understood by anyone.

At present, all the content on HealthBaba.Org is contributed by Dr Parveen Chopra, who is an MDS doctor from India and has been contributing medical content to various national and vernacular newspapers with excellent readership. He is professionally trained in Web2.0 & Beyond, Multimedia and Social Media technologies.
He also maintains a popular Medical Blog in Hindi language @http://drparveenchopra.blogspot.com which, again, is a first-of-its-kind attempt and has a huge following of readers.


The design and technical aspect of HealthBaba.Org is managed by Vishal Chopra, who is currently pursuing B.Tech (Comp Sc & Engg). Technology has been one of his varied interests since childhood (Other interests include Photography, Scrutinising Movies, Reading Newspapers, Magazines and Novels etc). He takes keen interest in Social Technologies of the Internet.

If you have any Comments/Suggestions,  feel free to send them to us via this Contact Form.

Have a Healthy Day!


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