Cure for Gutkha-Panmasala Problems!

I have shared a number of case reports of youngsters- some of them in their teens- on this blog about the serious problems being faced by the people who are hooked to Pan-masala and Gutkha.

Mouth cancer is an extreme – it is almost always preceeded by warning signs which are mostly ignored by the Gutkha chewer. Most frustrating is to find youngsters unable to take food as their mouth is almost closed or mouth opening is so small that it is good enough only for taking liquid diet.

Every other day I get an email from one youngster or the other asking for its cure as their mouth opening has reduced drastically.

So, once again this morning i thought of sharing some facts about the cure of the problems caused due to all these pan-masalas and other smokeless products.

The referral and reimbursement system is quite satisfactory in the organisation for which I am working. However, it is regretted that in spite of this except oral cancers (caused due to tobacco products), I seldom come across people who have been cured of problems like decreased mouth opening etc (with some exceptions of course). Either they don’t take complete treatment and leave mid way or they are unable to leave this deadly habit.

A person who has landed into this problem, just out of ignorance, feels that like most of other health issues, these mouth problems would also vanish with some magic wand in the form of costly medicines for applying in the mouth or by taking some medicines orally.

In fact, they are under the impression that they can continue the habit and simultaneously take treatment. It NEVER works that way, guaranteed ! Still, leaving the habit early and taking necessary treatment from a qualified specialist definitely helps and I have seen improvement in mouth opening in such cases and also healing (to some extent) of chronic oral ulcerations.

When a youngster sends an email to me, I motivate him to kick the habit immediately. Then, he should head towards some nearby Dental College & Hospital where they have all the oral health specialists under one roof who then do treatment planning for the patient. Oral Surgeon is the best specialist to manage such “closed” mouths.

Trust me, if you want, the problems caused by the above habits are so debilitating in some people that they start surviving only on liquids and even are not able to clean or rinse their mouth. Subsequently, even cancer of mouth can develop in these individuals.

In the above paras, i mentioned somewhere that oral cancer can be cured. Of course, it is true, but if detected in time and the person is ready to kick the bad tobacco and pan-masala habits. Even otherwise, after complete treatment of oral cancer, the person suffers so much facial disfigurement and dependence on “feeding by tube”etc,  just to name a few, i swear a reader of this blog can’t even imagine most of these problems.

Having said all this I must remind the readers – “Hope lasts with life.” Nature is great with abundant healing capacity. So, first of all the youngsters should kick this habit and then should be examined by a Dental expert who would refer them to a qualified oral surgeon, if needed. He should meticulously follow the advice of the specialist by taking medicines and applying some medicaments over the “sore” (ulcerated) areas in the mouth. The patient is required to refrain from tobacco in all forms (Bidi/Cigarette also) and take a well balanced diet rich in vitamins. It is advisable to take abundant Vit C in natural form like citrus fruits, gooseberry (Amla) etc. and the patients are advised accordingly.

I wonder if these youngsters listen ..indeed it is quite disappointing to see youngsters waiting at petrol pumps on their motorcycles and putting 2-3 pouches of gutkha/panmasala in one go into their mouth.

God bless them!


About drparveenchopra

Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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One Response to Cure for Gutkha-Panmasala Problems!

  1. Rohini Roy says:

    Gutka, pan masala, and cigarette were the major reason behind cancer, Really good blog

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