Childhood Lost..

Yesterday i had gone with my son to attend Parent-teacher meet.

1078After we were done with PTM, he told me that there is an Art & Craft Exhibition in the Auditorium. He was not sure whether we would be able to go there. However, i encouraged him that one must admire art.

When we were about to enter that Exhibition, we found there were some kids standing at the entrance. They were intently looking at people and things displayed there. At the first cursory glance, it appeared similar to the scene outside banquet halls where such kids line up waiting for ‘generosity’ of passer-bys to trickle down.

Just in a minute, we could understand why they were standing outside. I felt extremely bad about all this and my son’s reaction was even vocal.. “Why can’t they go inside and enjoy?”

Had to feel these flowers to know if they are real or craft work!

3I asked them to come inside …no, they won’t move from their place. Again i asked them. No movement.

There was so much hesitation. Then i thought that if they dont come inside and if i think that i have done my duty by inviting them, then i would sound like a politician’s Election manifesto.

Third time i had to literally accompany them inside that hall clearly saying —“Move around, this is yours” (i addressed them in Hindi).

After that they started enjoying that exhibition. Their happiness increased our happiness many fold.

4When we find such kids, we feel very bad about our education system.

These tender minds must be having some questions –Why are we not inside? These are the real people who are in need of a number of welfare schemes (including reservation) . Do you think that they would ever avail it? ….No, they won’t.

When they were enjoying the exhibition, my son told me that those were the kids of masons who were doing some construction work in the school.

Don’t we see so many such kids playing here and there around construction sites but we just move on. Like their exploited parents, in coming years they would go through the same grind. God bless them!

I always say that to improve our education and health care system, we should have ‘earmarked’ schools and hospitals— ok, if you are living in this area –be it a peon’s son or a DC’s kids—they can enrol in that school only. Similar should be the case with hospitals. Why availability of  money in a parent’s wallet would decide the education/fate of his brilliant kids? …No, it should not ideally in a civilized society.
5When i think about these kids, their curious eyes, i am quite sure that they are no less artists –no less painters– no less creative thinkers than yours and mine——sad part is that they have never been taken care of! Rather such kids exhibit much better life skills where our pampered ones just lag behind! It is a hard fact!

When we were coming out, we saw them also moving out of that hall. Hopefully, they enjoyed their short, cold stay amongst so- called so many members of ‘enlightened’ class (really?).

My son handed over some money to the eldest of those kids to have some snacks. I felt satisfied to see my son’s conduct — he is down-to-earth, very humble, empathetic ——-and for me the most satisfying thing is that i am very much sure that he won’t exploit anyone in his life. I can swear it on an affidavit – the type of emotional maturity he has at 16. May goodwill prevail upon all !


About drparveenchopra

Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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  1. Congrats of your new blog. It needs a makeover and I hope it would be done soon. 🙂

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