Artificial Denture Cleaning – Some Tips

It is seen that people hardly care about their Natural teeth. Then why am I so concerned about Artificial Dentures?

There are reasons for this.

I come across numerous artificial dentures with Dark Stains, Dental Calculus deposits etc. Yes, Dental Calculus gets deposited even on the artificial dentures, if not regularly cleaned.

It is unfortunate that people spend so much money on dentures, yet don’t seem very enthusiastic about their proper cleaning.

There’s a specialized Denture Brush for this purpose which is meant for cleaning of the various surfaces of the dentures (Please see images). A costly Denture Cleansing Powder is also available but it is not advisable to invest in them regularly. Any normal tooth powder can do the job well.

Upper Denture Cleaning with Denture Brush

Lower Denture Cleaning with Denture Brush

Specialized Brush for Denture Cleaning

Denture Brush

Tip – Don’t clean the Denture while standing in the Bathroom. It might result in the Denture getting broken (fractured). It can be repaired easily by a Dental Mechanic, though.

In case you’ve any queries, get in touch with me via Facebook or Email. Will be happy to respond.

Take care of your Dentures, Natural, as well as Artificial 🙂



About drparveenchopra

Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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