Veggies Grown Near Thermal Plant Toxic: So what!

This morning i found this news article in The Times of India. I wish to reproduce a para from this article–

Worried about pesticide residues in vegetables? Your diet may consist of many more toxic contaminants that you overlook. A new study by School of Environmental Sciences, JNU, has found vegetables grown near thermal power plants to be highly contaminated with heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) –a group of potent atmospheric pollutants.

We know that this must not be the story of just one thermal plants. Should similar reports from around the whole India from  the places having thermal plants would wake us up? ……Million dollar question – what shall we do after waking up!–Let’s enjoy the slumber a bit more…

I indeed got anxious to read this full article. But i was wondering whether do we have an alternative? — Please do ask me to switch over to organic stuff because i don’t want to talk about an alternative which is available to just a small fraction of people -indeed so little in number that it does not require any mention. I remember when we were in Bombay we always used to crib about the ‘metallic taste’ of vegetables — i don’t know exactly which made these so distasteful that i stopped taking some of my favorite green vegetables in Bombay.

We thought small places are still dependent on organic manure. But scenario here in North has also changed. Thanks to changing times! We daily see reports from Punjab’ Malwa belt –how the heavy metals contamination has played havoc with public health in some of the districts.

Are other cities growing safe vegetables? — Why do you want the answer from me? —you also know everything. We know so many things, we have grown quite tech-savvy that we know about the names of pollutants, their concentration –we have displayed it at prominent places in big ciites. But what to do with that?

Now today we have read this article about the veggies grown near thermal plant having toxic residues. There was an Aamir Khan show on this problem but what after that! Poor Carbide survivors keep on raising their voice about environmental threats but the dangerous waste is still lying at Bhopal only. People are raising their concerns about nuclear power plants in their neighborhood. But somehow we feel it is not my issue, isn’t it? —We just flip the newspaper and forget the real threat!

In the name of safety of vegetables we just know that veggies are needed to be washed in water thorougly. That’s all– but is that enough, that’s is not going to take care of harmful chemicals lying inside just ready to explode in our bodies.

When the situation is so dismal? -what for i am writing this! Just to show my ignorance to the world (as i was telling it to a friend the other day) … that for the last about 10 years i am just praying for getting answers to two most important questions before me even today/

First question – How to differentiate between natural milk (milked form milch cattle) and the one prepared using a powder? I always feel there must be some difference. We know there is mass scale contamination of powdered milk which is used in preparing sweets, cheese, ghee, curd and what not! You think about any milk product and in my firm opinion a major portion of it is being made from cheap quality powdered milk, until unless proved otherwise. Why you feel like spitting that sip of tea/coffeee taken at some places?

Second question – Being in medical profession, till date i dont know exactly what is the difference between generic and branded medicines —more so a strip priced at Rs.70 is being sold @ 65 to a poor guy while a smart chap manages it in Rs 20 from a freindly chemist. I have done a lot of study about all this in the last decade but i dont have any exact answer.

Ok, instead of pondering over these unending issues, let me sleep for a little more while on this National Holiday when Nation is celebrating birthday of Father of Nation –Mahatma Gandhi and my family is celebrating mine (i proudly say that i share my birthday with Bapu)……………may be today Bapu in my dreams would tell me answers to some burning questions rattling my mind from years ………………..yeah…..just like Lago Raho Munnabhai ishtyle!

Inspiration : Vegetables grown near thermal plants toxic



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Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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