When just looking at “splinted” teeth is so frustrating!

This middle-aged woman who came to me today with complaint of sensitive teeth, she had came to me one year back also. She was suffering from chronic periodontitis(Pyorrhoea) for which i had advised here to get proper gum treatment. At that time some of her lower teeth were shaky too.

Quack’s Plastering work to stabilize shaky teeth — Frustrating to see!

Today when she came to me, i was surprised to find “quack’ work” done on her lower teeth. She had gone to a dental quack -obviously she must not be convinced with my treatment planning. He had done “plastering” of her shaky teeth.

You are seeing this “plastering” in this photograph which has been done by applying acrylic(self-cure acrylic) to her shaky and non-shaky teeth to stabilize the shaky teeth. This is one of those dangerous treatments being provided by dental quacks in India. There is so much lack of awareness and the quacks are just operating so fearlessly, so whom to blame!

You see there are very weird-looking fillings also in her mouth. These have all been done by that quack only.
Why is it so frustrating to see such art and craft of dental quacks?
When i try to make her aware about the dangers this “plastering” is posing to her not-so-shaky teeth, she is just ready to listen to me. She out-rightly says this ‘stabilizing’ has been done one year back, she does not have any problem due to that. When i ask her to get this ‘plastering’ removed, she refused saying when there is no problem, why the hell should she bother about that.

Plastering job on Inner side of teeth

She thinks there is no problem, but there is a big problem — a threat to her somewhat healthy teeth — you can see even the inner surfaces (surfaces lying towards tongue) of such ‘plastered teeth’ —this all is so damaging while she is not ready to listen to me saying there is no problem.

Dentists like me who are working in government hospitals do have a big task of freeing these people from the clutches of all those useless, good-for-nothing dental quacks who keep on damaging their health by following their own ways. How can we give more that 15-20 minutes to a patient when a big queue is waiting outside ——this all is so frustrating i tell you!

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About drparveenchopra

Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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