Quacks Dont Think Twice While Using Chemicals in Mouth

When we were kids and used to visit our grand-mom at Ambala, she used to praise a ‘doctor’ who happened to be general doctor, dresser, dentist – all-in-one- complete package.  She used to say that whenever she or my grand-father have to get a tooth out, they visit them.  She used to narrate that he is expert in removing teeth – it does not hurt at all. His USP was that he seldom gave injection before tooth extraction.

This was the time period during which we used to also listen anecdotes of dental experts operating in the buses who just touch the teeth with their hankies and within moments the tooth is out. Later  on we came to know that those ‘good-for-nothing’ experts were using some dangerous chemical which later on led to so many troubles.

Incompletely erupted wisdom tooth with second molar not in occlusion line

Anyway, I was reminded of grand-mom and related events yesterday when a 20-year young man came to me and told me that he had visited a road-side dentist (quack) who for the smooth eruption of his wisdom tooth had applied some Acid on his gum which had made him terribly sick .. his surrounding gums had burnt and it was only after 7-10days that he is now able to eat something.

Let’s have a look at his dental photograph –in this snap, you can see that his lower third molar which is erupting at wrong position is partially covered with overlying gum. That quack wanted to get rid of that gum tissue by applying some acid. I sometimes wonder these quacks have heard the names of most of medicaments – in this case he must have tried chemical cautery in  which they burn some tissue using some acid. I remember during our dental college days, our teachers used to tell us about such treatments but somehow we found them bit reluctant to use these – could be due to any reason! The same practice we follow – I have never used any acid to get rid of any oral tissues.

But these quacks are damn daring souls – they don’t think twice before causing harm to a person approaching them.

In this patient there is hardly anything to be served by saving the wisdom tooth which is coming at a wrong position. Our concern should be attend to the second molar which is lying in front of this wisdom tooth but has not erupted fully. The problem of this young man is that now food has getting stuck in-between these two teeth.

A dental x-ray would confirm whether this gentleman should go in for removal of wisdom tooth and also for the partially erupted second molar what needs to be done would be decided accordingly.

Since the topic of this post is about using chemicals in the mouth, I am reminded of many incidents in which patients used powdered Aspirin tablet and placed it into mouth in front of a painful tooth just to find that it has led to Aspirin Burn of that area.  Even application of a clove oil pellet in the mouth requires caution – it needs to be dabbed on a dry cotton to remove excess of oil – otherwise it also leads to blisters in the mouth.

Whatever chemicals we use in oral cavity in the form of dental medicaments or dental restoratives have been time testes since decades – their bio-compatibility has been checked and tested by experts –means they don’t lead to any reaction or don’t cause any adverse reaction in oral cavity. But of late some locally made, cheap quality dental materials with poor quality-control track record  –called Chinese stuff – has also come in the market —qualified dentist are quite wary of using such stuff.

Another way in which quack play havoc with masses dental health is while removing stains from their teeth with the application of strong acids. For knowing details about this, please click on this link ….DIY Dental Stain Removing Damages Teeth.

As if this all is not enough, many spurious quality locally made dental powder are on sale in buses, trains which claim to provide magic remedies for bleeding gums, painful teeth ….. any sort of dental trouble in the world –just for five rupees ………and testing (tasting?) of course comes free in the form of a pinch-ful of that mixture on your palm. God knows which chemicals they are using … it is dangerous to use such powders.

My morning prayer as usual – Oh God, save people from all those quacks !



About drparveenchopra

Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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