Do you also avoid milk and milk products?

I do avoid. Actually I have read so many articles on adulterated milk and milk products that I don’t feel like having except when I am “somewhat” sure that it could be from a relatively reliable source.

Actually there is so much milk adulteration and everybody claims that he is selling the pure milk, it becomes difficult to judge what quality of milk or milk products one is having.

I wonder at the marriage parties due to abundance of milk products –cheese, curd, rabri (condensed form of milk which is sweetened and is used as a sweet-dish), butter-milk ….the list is long. After seeing so many media reports on adulteration of milk and milk products, personally I am not able to convince myself that all these products are being prepared from genuine milk. I strongly feel that all this stuff is coming from the powdered milk and the way it is being stacked/sold  in the markets, it really conveys a lot of things.

Actually, before that powder milk tradgedy in China, I used not to think too much about this issue. The world know how a few days ago after taking adulterated powder milk thousands of small children in China became sick and a few toddlers even lost their lives due to complications arising out to melamine adulteration of the powder milk.

Common sense says that if a thing can happen in China, why not elsewhere in the World. Due to this reason I am quite skeptical about taking anything which I feel must be having powder milk. No doubt there are some reputed firms selling powder milk but these are so costly that for preparing dishes during parties etc, the contractors must not be having any motivation to use these costly but ‘hopefully’ good quality milk powders.

I remember when I was kid and my dad used to take me to hair dresser. In the good olden days, it used to be a bit painful experience. Then, on coming out he used to get me a few pieces of Barfi ( a popular Indian sweet) from a neighbouring sweet meat shop. The devine taste of that purity I still cherish on this day. Reason? – Purity of milk and extreme dedication of that old man who used to stir the boiling milk for hours so that quality of his stuff does not suffer.

Where do we find such souls now-a-days? — the milk is adulterated that is one thing. Secondly, there is no patience –everybody is busy in making a fast buck.

My reason for not taking any sweets which contain milk is that I am not convinced about the purity of milk, that could be my personal choice. I stick to it and I think I have not had any sweets for the last 3-4 years. Even in the sweets which are proclaimed to have been made with “pure ghee” –from where so much ghee is coming? After all , its source is also the milk only. So, I refrain from all such products.

When I look back, I recollect everytime I used to take these sweets, I used to fall sick. So, I thought it prudent to stay away from sweets. I don’t go by the claims that everybody is selling pure sweets, made from pure milk using pure ghee —–somehow I am not convinced.

So many news reports come in the media that so many samples were picked up from various shops under Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. But hardly I come across reports in the media where we get to know those test reports. Who will tell us those test reports? — afterall it is a question of our health. Anyway, I have made a life-long choice. What are your plans?


About drparveenchopra

Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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