Untreated Gum Disease Leads to Tooth Loss

Actually, Gum Diseases  are rampant in India. Some of the reasons are- poor oral hygiene, lack of awareness about good oral hygiene, some myths prevalent in the society, tobacco use, Pan-masala, Gutkha use etc.

The earliest sign of gum disease is gum bleeding while toothbrushing. Instead of consulting a dentist, patients suffering from bleeding gums generally stop using toothbrush –they switch over to using finger for tooth-cleaning (just rubbing something with finger over teeth). It further complicates the problem –the gum disease progresses unchecked and leads to Chronic Periodontitis ( commonly known as Pyorrhoea).

Periodontal disease - photo by Dr Parveen Chopra

In this photograph you see the teeth of a 52year old man who is suffering from Chronic Periodontitis. You can see the condition of gums in the front teeth –these are swollen, spongy and red and bleed while brushing. These are mobile .

Dental Calculus photo by Dr Parveen Chopra

This is the photograph of the same patient in which the inner side (technically, we call lingual surfaces ie the surfaces lying towards tongue) of the lower teeth has been shown. It shows huge dental tartar(dental calculus) deposits on these teeth.

Advanced Pyorrhoea photo by Dr Parveen chopra

This is the photograph of another 63 year old man who is also suffering from an advanced stage pyorrhea – you can see the gums have left the teeth and moved away ( “Gum Recession”), there is oozing of pus from the teeth. Clinical examination reveals that the teeth are mobile.

Faulty Partial Denture Photo: Dr parveen Chopra

The same patient has got a faulty removable partial denture for the lower two front teeth –in this photograph you can see how this faulty partial denture “plate” is damaging the adjoining teeth.  But the patient is happy that he got the treatment quite cheap and already the “denture” is working nicely.  He is blissfully (really?) unaware of the damage already having been caused.

Pathological Migration of teeth Photo: Dr parveen chopra

This is another 60-year old lady with advanced Periodontal disease in which the teeth are quite shaky and the the teeth have moved from their original position ( in dental terms, it is called Pathological Migration).

I daily see around twenty patients suffering from Pyorrhoea – advanced form of Periodontal Disease. The prognosis (outcome) unfortunately is very bad. Reason ? – Only a fraction of patients get the proper periodontal treatment (treatment for diseased  gums and supporting tissues). In most cases the disease goes on unchecked- untreated till the teeth become so shaky that they are required to be taken out or they happen to “fall down” on its own or some daring old guy pulls it himself.

At times this untreated gum disease causes swelling , pain and difficulty in chewing —- this goes on and on —and everytime an irregular course of antibiotics and painkillers takes care of the problem for sometime.

This continues till the patient gets so much frustrated that he decides to get all teeth extracted and get a Artificial denture.


About drparveenchopra

Dr Parveen Chopra is Masters in Dental Surgery.. with 35 years of experience in dentistry. For trying his hand in health writing, he studied Communication for seven years. He is a blogger since 2007- he enjoys writing in conversational style.
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